Today was one of those strange days, I expected to see sunglasses and shorts coming out for summer but alas, I was the only one in a t-shirt. We got that one last super random more cold than it is hot day, now I have a cold after getting caught out with no jacket.

This week's Fashionista wasn't taking any chances and decided to layer up, she'd done this without looking bundled up by choosing a varied selection of textures that all work towards a confident outfit. I'll give you that this autumn-esque outfit may look a little bit out of place as we move toward summer but there are still things to be learnt from this week's Fashionista.

When layering up stick to a total of three sections and make sure you go from thinner layers to thicker layers – this means your outfit still works if you choose to shed a few layers when indoors or if the weather starts to improve. This week's Fashionista uses a tried and true chambray shirt as a base level, a chunky knit ruffled cardigan as the middle section and wears a leather jacket on top to pull things together.

Cardigans are easy to layer and work well with cropped jackets; the added length to the cardigan stops the outfit from looking top heavy. It's best to keep your bottom half simple to avoid looking bulky, leggings or tight jeans with ankle boots is an easy way to finish off any layering episode. Matching her burgundy trousers to her shopper gives the outfit some focus and colour coordination. The most important thing to keep in mind when layering up is moderation, it's tempting to keep throwing on pieces from your wardrobe hoping that it'll eventually click, but you have to be strict and make sure each element works.

You can still apply these tips to your up and coming summer wardrobe – try and stick to wearing three layers max, compliment your outfit with either contrasting, vibrant colours or subtle monotones with a focus on textures and you should be good to go. Check out this great article from on layering during the summer and note the use of sheer. silk and pastel colours, it should get some ideas going. Here is a perfect chambray shirt from Lacoste that'll come in handy all year round, and this just in case you were after a faux fur headband!  


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