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Jack Frost isn’t nipping at our noses yet, but there is a bite in the air that is unmistakably fall. Along with fall comes the inevitable: artificial heaters. There’s nothing worse than the warm blasts in the library making you regret your decision to wear a sweater. Here’s a timeless trick to forgoing this regret: layers. So pile on those sweaters for the autumn breezes, comfort has never been so close or easy.

This Fashionista manages to capture some important fall trends in her comfy gray tones. Her layers border on monochromatic as she fades from dark to light, sticking with a single color but layering with multiple tones. Try this look with other fall colors, like maroon, or even stick with a single tone when layering for an even more distinctively monochromatic feel. Her second layer adds a comfy-chic level to her ensemble in the likes of Alexa Chung and the ManRepeller with the slight peak of her sweatshirt’s lapels. However, she gives no signs of laziness with the chic and suprising touches of her silky bottom layered shirt and snakeskin patterned scarf. Her look is complete with some must-have short lace-up boots.

The concept of layering is as versatile as the seasons — well-adjusted to diverse styles. Layer an oxford with a cable-knit sweater and a velvet blazer. Try a silky blazer under your leather jacket for nights out. Layering is less a trend than it is a choice of comfort; it will surely haunt the styles of falls and springs to come.


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