STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Kill ‘Em With Confidence

Style Advice of the Week

The atmosphere around Madison right now isn’t the most pleasant atmosphere, given that the university makes us all take these horrible things called finals. While staying stylish and fashionable may not be your biggest priority at the moment, it’s even more important to dress to impress during these rough times. Before you call me crazy, let me explain. Dressing well and in your best personal style makes you feel confident, and what do students need more during the time of finals than anything else? Confidence. Confidence to kill their finals! And the perfect outfit can help.

What is great about this Fashionista is her combination of brown and green hues. As I’ve said before, brown and green are always the colors of winter. The earthy tones go perfectly with the weather and the way that winter makes you feel. While it might be freezing, you still feel warm and stylish. Gap has a great selection of green winter coats that you can pair with an awesome pair of Steve Madden brown boots. You could also try switching it and pair a brown pea coat with a pair of green leather booties.

Another great combination this Fashionista sports is the infinity knit scarf with a knit beanie. The best way to stay warm this winter is to cover up as much of your exposed skin as you can, like your head and neck. It also happens to be a great excuse to wear winter accessories. Instead of a beanie, try a winter headband or a cute pair of earmuffs.

Everyone’s ultimate accessory is his or her hair. This Fashionista makes the ultimate statement by dying the tips of her blonde hair pink, which adds individuality to every outfit she wears. Many people are afraid to change up their do, but I say go for it!


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