STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keep it Uniquely Sophisticated!

Style Advice of the Week

With Hurricane Sandy past us and the North Eastern snow storm gone, surprisingly, the weather hasn't changed much, staying dry and gloomy. As overcast continues to start the days off and a brisk wind follows, we can all agree that this weather is very clearly here to stay. Interestingly enough, I have noticed that the outfits around campus have followed suit. Dreary hues and an absence of primary colors has started to surface RISD's campus. However, I read once that dark tones and especially the color black can present characteristics such as confident, powerful and sophisticated. I would like to agree that this Fashionista is expressing all of those characteristics with her bold choice to stick to a very dark color pallet.

I used to refuse to believe that when it comes to dressing for the day, you should always find at least three colors that can go well next to one another. In high school I strived to color block my clothing garments and keep it to a minimal pallet. I remember looking at students with darker color pallets and thinking that out of all clothing in your closet, choosing to keep it to a minimal color combination was such a dreadful decision. However, now that I am older and have explored the understanding of styling and colors, I think I can say that what I used to think was dreadful and unfortunate is now a wise, classic and sophisticated decision, executing confidence and self assurance.

As I walked out of studio, I was excited to cross paths with this Fashionista. She carries herself well with such subtle colors in her overall look. From the MINKPINK shaggy jacket to the vintage rings, she holds herself with poise and confidence. Not only do her cut off shorts look great with the high-knee socks, but another great contribution to her look is her dip-dyed hair. It's simple, yet adds a nice alternative to the look. I think that dying hair can be a risky and tricky decision to accomplish in a successful way. I think we all can agree that this Fashionista has done it in all the right ways. The color isn't overpowering and compliments her look in a harmonious way.

Wanting to explore a simple color pallet look, take this Fashionista's look and get inspired by exploring your closets, vintage shops and rediscovering personal accessories!

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