Style Advice of the Week

Not a day goes by where I don’t converse with someone about how crazy the weather is. Whether climate change is responsible for it being 63 degrees in Madison in December or not, I am not one to complain. Let my big winter coat stay in my closet, hanging out with my snow boots and ear muffs. There are too many other wonderful coats, shoes and accessories that I need to make use of! Also, Madison tends to hide their style once it gets freezing, which I obviously hate. Walking around in December and seeing great outfits everywhere makes my day a little brighter.

Once I saw this Fashionista’s studded loafers, I had to stop her. She stood out, seeing as everyone else on the street succumbed to a typical pair of black boots (including myself). While it might be strange that it’s so warm in December, it is a great opportunity to wear a great pair of flats, oxfords or sneakers. Flats with toe caps have been in every store window and are perfect paired with your favorite jeans.

Another part that I love about her outfit is how she lets her maroon sweater peek through her three-quarter length jacket arms. It allows her to show off her sweater and add color to her outfit, even while wearing a big fall coat. It may be hard to stay warm, fabulous and fashionable all at the same time in these months of winter, but with an outfit like this you can have all of the above!


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