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Sid loved Nancy. But did Nancy love Sid? Well, some things we may never know; but what we do know is that the couple and the fashion decade they come from is currently making its way back into style. The 1970's rock ‘n’ roll fashion has always been synonymous with being different and having a rebellious streak. Now what happens when 70's punk meets modern day chic? Enter today's Fashionista.

This Fashionista was spotted around campus wearing creepers, a shoe that has not been around recently but certainly has a history.

Creepers have been around since the World War II and were made popular by the teddy boys. They once again resurged with the London rock ‘n’ roll scene due to Malcom Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood selling them at the famous Chelsea boutique, World’s End. Soon every punk was rocking the shoe at any concert.

A rare clashing of girly and rock-star chic, this Fashionista was as ready for class as she was for a Sex Pistols concert.

Replicate this Fashionistas attire by pairing your creepers with your most feminine frock. Creepers come only in men’s sizes but are easy to find in places such as Amazon. I really like Odeons' version that resemble the Prada brogues.

Notice this Fashionista kept the rest of her look classic with a polka-dot dress and classic accessories. Find a briefcase purse like hers that can haul books around as well to give the impression of professionalism. The Cambridge Satchel is perfect for this task.

Among the many other things, the use of gold in this Fashionista’s outfit took me by surprise. It gave it a touch of glamour that pulled this outfit even further together. 

Most importantly, in any trend you choose to adopt and add your own personal touches—so make this look your own.


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