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As the weather gets colder, the students of Madison seem to struggle a little more with their outfit choices. Especially being a senior, I can relate. Your bed gets a little harder to get out of in the morning, coffee becomes more necessary and effort in wardrobe choice is a little harder. What I have learned upon stopping today’s Fashionista is that one thing is key for dressing when you don’t have much time in the morning: simplicity. As I’ve said before, I often tend to overlook simplicity and go for a bolder outfit. But some of the best outfits are created by just a few simple articles effortlessly thrown together.

This Fashionista looks way beyond cute in her outfit and although it looks time consuming, it’s pretty simple to put together an outfit like this. What makes the biggest statement to me is how she tucked in her shirt and shows her thick brown belt. The other aspects of her outfit are simple so the brown belt ties all the pieces together. Dark blues with black are perfect for colder weather, especially when the sun is peaking through the clouds on a day like this one was.

Another part I love about her outfit is how she wears knee-high wedge boots with jet-black jeans. Not only is it flattering, but the wedge rather than a heel makes it the perfect daytime boot. If wedges aren’t your style, try a pair of Vince Camuto knee-high boots to get the same effect.

So when you’re waking up in the cold, just keep in mind that simplicity can go a long way.


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