STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Is It Burgundy Or Oxblood?

Style Advice of the Week

There are some colors I do not completely understand the difference between. Sea foam and mint green. Eggshell and Pearl. Custard and Cheesecake (Juno reference). What’s this season’s indistinguishable dynamic duo? Burgundy and oxblood. Oxblood has been all the rage this season and when I came up to this Fashionista asking her about her oxblood jeans, she just looked at me and said “they’re burgundy…” To this, I was stumped. “Yes”, I said, “Those burgundy pants–Love them.”

But I have to admit I love the term oxblood at the moment. It gives new life to this deep tone of red wine. Adds some depth and character to it. The word oxblood conjures up images of a biblical plague and streams of animal blood. These slightly disturbing images add the edge to this hue that makes it the color of the moment this fall and winter season. So instead of your average burgundy, you can have your sophisticated, luxurious yet edgy and mysterious oxblood. With all of these fitting adjectives, you can see why designers could not get enough of it.

This Fashionista makes this runway hit slightly more approachable and library friendly this finals week. Simply paired with a denim shirt and a nice complementary gold flat, these burgundy/oxblood jeans are the better investment to this summer’s bright red jean. Wearing oxblood as a subtle element of color in your outfit makes it an easy and approachable fall trend to follow. Grab an oxblood blouse, suede pump or leather clutch to add a level of sophistication and color to your fall apparel.

However, oxblood is best approached with a more dramatic feel. After all, what sets oxblood apart from burgundy better than the drama? Taking this color trend to the next level is what truly elevates you from the burgundy level to the sinful oxblood. Designers' favorite daring oxblood item was the leather dress. However, wearing any oxblood dress paired with dark hues and a deep red lipstick would create a similar dramatic look with less of a hit to your wallet.

Although the word oxblood may seem rather scary, don’t worry. This trend really does not require being a crazy fashion blogger or minor celebrity to pull off. And if you’re still frightened by it, just call it burgundy. See? You feel more comfortable all ready.


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