STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Infinity Scarves for Eternity

Style Advice of the Week

After classes end, but before saying good-bye to another semester, we inevitably have to take finals. As “finals week” approaches, the libraries become more packed with students pulling all-nighters. Let’s face it, we’re tired, stressed and we can’t wait to head home for break.

I spotted this Fashionista heading back to her dorm after a long day at the library. With classes officially over, I’ve noticed that students have worn baggy sweats and sweatshirts to be comfortable while studying. Yet, this Fashionista put more effort into her look by sporting a toggle peacoat, long knit sweater, infinity scarf, fitted sweatpants and UGG boots.

I really liked this Fashionista’s gray infinity scarf. It complemented the darker pieces of her ensemble nicely. Wrapped casually around the neck, infinity scarves have been a huge and growing trend this season. Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and Kourtney Kardashian have been photographed wearing this scarf out and about.  

There are many factors that make the infinity scarf an attractive clothing accessory. First, It’s easy to throw on, making it more appealing than a scarf that requires perfect tying to achieve a certain look. It’s super warm when made of a knit material and it’s very versatile since it can be made from various fabrics and colors.

To get your own infinity scarf, try this one from Abercrombie and Fitch. It even comes in various colors to choose from! For a chunky knit scarf, buy this item from Etsy. If you like patterns, you’ll love this piece by Urban Outfitters!




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