STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: How to Survive a Hurricane

Style Advice of the Week

This Fashionista was ready for Hurricane Sandy in a very fashionable yet warm and waterproof ensemble. The key element that keeps this outfit classy and chic is the trench coat. This magical raincoat looks nothing like your raincoat from elementary school, yet protects more of your body against the harsh winds of Sandy (with an umbrella of course). But the trench is there for you in more situations than to just impress our dear old friend Sandy. Perfectly light, the trench coat always protects you against the fall chill and wind at more moderate weather moment, making the trench the classic fall outerwear.

But even more than it’s utility against the wind and rain, the trench also always makes me feel like I’m starring in some old romantic movie. Who doesn’t imagine themselves as Audrey Hepburn kissing George Peppard in the rain during Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

This timeless jacket can be found at large variety of prices and stores. For a girl on a budget, Forever 21 offers a great trench at a very reasonable price. Our All-American brands such as Banana Republic and L.L.Bean also have great options at a slightly higher price range. But if you are willing to really splurge on your trench coat, I recommend a classic Burberry trench, there is nothing better than having that Burberry lining when you take off your coat. And don’t be scared away by the price. Although it is a real splurge, keep in mind that a trench is certainly the item that would be worth it because you can wear it for decades to come without any fear of it going out of style.

Now if you are still not sold on the wonders of a trench coat, which I do not know how you couldn’t be since you should have been sold when I mentioned Audrey Hepburn, I will give you one last reason to buy a trench coat. Imagine all the different theme parties you could use it for.


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