STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: How to Rock a Cropped Sweatshirt


Short is in . . . and I don’t mean short skirts; I’m talking about short shirts. That’s right, crop tops are back, and they are bigger than ever. The trend started with the simple crop top, but this trend has quickly expanded and we’re seeing tons of shortened sweatshirts and jackets. Walking down the streets of New York, the short look is everywhere. This look, while trendy and fun, can easily go wrong. If you choose to rock the cropped look, you should follow a few guidelines.

Tip 1: Layering. This Fashionista rocked her cropped sweatshirt for a day of sightseeing in New York City. How did she make it work? Layering. Layering is the key element to her look. She wore her cropped sweatshirt over a tank, and on top of that a long, grey sweater. Her grey scarf served to complete her layered look. All of her layering distracted from the cropped sweatshirt in a positive way. By not making the sweatshirt the focal point, she was able to bring the entire look together.

Tip 2: Keep it casual, but not too casual. When wearing a cropped sweatshirt, you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed in your ‘80s dorm room. Make sure you accessorize in a way that keeps the outfit casual, but avoids making it look like your pajamas. This Fashionista polished up her look a little by tucking her jeans into her tall, leather boots. Her outfit, while casual, still looks polished and trendy. Had she gone with UGGS, she might not have pulled it off quite so well.

If you are skeptical about wearing a cropped top, don’t be! You just have to be sure you wear it the right way. Since the cropped top on its own draws so much attention, be sure to downplay it. This Fashionista used layering, but there are several solutions. Try pairing a crop top with a chunky necklace like this one, or steal away the top’s attention with some awesome pumps! These Jeffrey Campbell booties would do the trick!

Hint: If you are apprehensive about this trend, test the waters out! You don’t have to make a big investment until you are sure you like the cropped look. Forever 21 carries cropped tops for under $20.


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