STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Horizontal Stripes


Horizontal stripes are one of the most underrated fashion statements. Granted, these stripes are not the first thing that jump at you when looking at an array of clothing. Many tend to browse past them, as they are known for the illusion of making people look larger than they actually are, as compared to its sibling (the vertical stripe) that does the opposite, giving those that don it a slimming effect. Therefore, men (being the less vain gender) tend to wear the horizontal stripe more. 

Horizontal stripes have a very youthful vibe. They make up for their shortcomings by making one look more refreshed and thus, younger! This Fashionisto went one step further in making himself look more sprightly by pairing his striped grey-and-white shirt with sneakers, mocha-coloured pants and a baseball cap.

Something to note: do not pair stripes that go in different directions together (eg. vertical and diagonal stripes). While I do admit that it can work depending on the outfit, it is generally a fashion no-no. Wearing different stripes together also depends on how well you can pull it off. That said, there are many ways to wear horizontal stripes. I personally prefer to keep horizontal stripes on the upper part of my outfit. Thicker stripes are great for T-shirts or casual clothing like singlets. Thinner stripes, however, would be the better option for a smarter occasion. So thick or thin, on your shirt, collar, sleeve—you decide! Horizontal stripes are just as fun to play with as vertical stripes.

I find horizontal stripes look especially good on polo tees. Ralph Lauren is the first place I think of and will go to when it comes to polo tees. It is best to go to one of their flagship stores to try on their shirts instead of buying online as I find Ralph Lauren to have quite a different fit and cut compared to the more mainstream brands. This classic-Fit Woven-Collar Polo is minimal and structured, perfect for a smart casual event (not to mention it would look just adorable on the boyfriend!).


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