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As I approach the start of my final semester at Moore, I can't help but reflect on my time here. When I first visited the campus, the style of the students was impossible to ignore. My wardrobe at the time was a heavy mix of Ralph Lauren and over-the-top shoes. It comes as no surprise that the fashion of Moore students is striking; art schools have a way of harboring these individuals. Moore was not a place that had all trend driven girls that look as though they stepped out of tumblr. It is a place where student style reflects the same unique voice found in their artwork. I grew accustomed to sea green hair long before it began popping up in Forever 21 ads, and I fall in love when student's mix luxury designer brands with H&M or DIY projects. The fashion here has no category, and no harness.

This week's Fashionista caught my eye with a grungy ensemble paired with ladylike makeup and bold touches of red. She is a fine arts major, which means that style must accommodate long hours in the studio and the probability of making a mess. Her look is comfortable, and black makes working with ink or charcoal a non-issue. I've never met a flannel for fall that I didn't like, and I think every unique style can incorporate this staple into their fall wardrobe. Graphic tees made up a large portion of my wardrobe as a child and thanks to brands such as Givenchy, they've resurfaced. Her choice in an eagle is appropriate particularly during November. I'm an advocate for ripped tights paired with shorts, particularly in an art school setting. If they're not already ripped, they will be soon so there's no sense in fighting it. If you love this Fashionista's grungy look, remember to play up your makeup for a sweet contrast!

To get this Fashionista's look and make it your own, use your favorite flannel as a starting point. As fun as it is to lust over the Givenchy shark crewneck, I suggest taking a trip to your local thrift store and scooping up some '90s graphic tees you loved so much as a child. If I wear shorts in the fall, I'm always drawn to my favorite pair from the summer: it gives me a boost of sunshine when it's dark too early. For added warmth invest in a pair of over-the-knee boots to pair over wooly socks and your shredded tights. Add fire lipstick and you're ready to go to the studio or hop on a motorcycle!


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