STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Hair Buns And Ballet Flats

Style Advice of the Week

Fashion is inconsistent and generally doesn’t make sense. The industry is fast-paced; styles change so frequently that by the time you finally purchase an imitation runway look, it may very well be out of style. The classical ballerina beauty is one of few fashions to have transcended as elegant and timeless. The hairstyle and footwear of this Fashionista mix classic ballerina elements with contemporary clothing for a modern take on the classics.

Designers must understand the contours of the human body in order to create well-fitting clothing. Ballet dancers celebrate the human body with their movements, so it is no surprise that they influence so many designers. Karl Lagerfeld invited two world-class ballerinas to perform in a Chanel store and analyze their movements for his future work in this video. Christian Sirano created his entire spring 2013 collection with a ballet in mind. A classic pair of ballet flats, as seen on this Fashionista, reflects the dance style in street-wear. These metallic flats are perfect for a night out, while nude flats are appropriate for any ensemble.

The colored pant trend is one I quite honestly did not expect to last for a long time, but I have since come to accept and adore the trend. The bright red color of this Fashionista’s pants look so lovely in conjunction with the fallen leaves. Topshop offers a pair of raspberry-colored jeans for a look just as on trend.

A prim and proper collar is a stable of a classic style. The sequins adorning this Fashionista’s collar modernize the look. Forever 21 offers a similar blouse while NASTY GAL sells a statement, standalone sequined collar. Keep your ensemble classy with a collar.


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