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As someone whose outfit usually consists of either combat boots or leather jackets, girly is rarely an adjective to describe my personal style. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the color pink, painting my nails or watching The Notebook. I just happen to stray away from ballet flats or other classified girly articles of clothing when spending my hard earned cash. As the semester goes on, I realized that I tend to stop Fashionistas that share a style that is similar to mine. But one of the greatest things about street style is that it makes you see things you would never buy and adopt them into your wardrobe, which is exactly why I stopped this girly Fashionista on a sunny fall day.

There is no better way to start a feminine outfit than with a solid-colored sundress. An American Apparel basic black dress is one of the most useful articles of clothing in my wardrobe. The numbers of ways you can dress up a basic black dress are endless. This Fashionista added a bright neon pink J.Crew cardigan to her dress for a preppy, fall look. For a less preppy look and chillier days, try pairing your dress with a lightweight jacket.

To top off your girly look, you need girly accessories. First, to complement her pink cardigan, she adds an infinity scarf with pink and blue hues. Even if you like to stray away from the feminine look, infinity scarfs are a perfect addition to any style. Second, she adds a pair of ballet flats with a flower on the toes. Soon it will be winter which means boot season, so get in all the flat time you can before it’s too late! Lastly, she wears a Longchamp school bag, a great piece for a fall, feminine fashionable day of fall.

Whether you're preppy or not, I dare you to adopt some unfamiliar pieces into your fall wardrobe.


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