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The greatest part about fashion is that every style has its comeback. Styles are constantly being revitalized and reinvented for new generations. The most exceptional styles of today’s time have already been worn before, in some variation. And in a decade’s time, that same style will be recovered, updated and worn again.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “There’s no chance I’ll ever wear those super-flare leg jeans from Old Navy circa 2000.” But trust me, they’ll be back.

This week’s Fashionista really embraced a style that made a reputable comeback for the most part of 2012: eighties grunge. From high-waisted jean shorts to dresses made of leather, we’ve really begun to give Madonna a run for her money. This Fashionista gave grunge a modern twist by incorporating a couple of prominent elements with contemporary taste. A jean jacket, modernized with a sweatshirt material hood and sleeves, an oversized graphic Tee, and combat boots brought out the very best components of grunge style. Pairing these pieces with an edgy sheer, black skirt made it clear that this Fashionista knew just how to upgrade recycled fashion.

If you want to get your grunge on as flawlessly as this Fashionista did, keep in mind the concept of renewing what was once old. Look for modern pieces that have grunge detailing, like denim, flannel, or leather. Be creative and cut up an old band T-shirt. Look for shoes, purses and other accessories that have studded accents. Stylish comebacks are all about renewal and innovation.

If you’re bold enough to stray outside the lines, dare to break the fashion life cycle and create your own history to follow.


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