STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Flaunt Your Fall Dress

Style Advice of the Week

Fall has officially arrived here in the northeast. The leaves are changing, and the autumn weather is finally letting us flaunt our favorite pieces for the season. The fashion world is greeting the fall with open arms having anticipated wearing cozy sweaters, scarves and boots. However, we are still at a toss up of how to dress each day since the temperatures can be unpredictable early in the fall. As a result, many Fashionista’s are faced with the question, does this outfit look too summery?

Dressing for this time of the year is always a bit of a challenge. We never know whether or not we are holding on too tightly to our favorite summer staples. This week, I came across a Fashionista whose look of the day solves this fashion dilemma. The trick: a long sleeve dress! What makes this piece the solution to the problem is the versatility it allows as you style from summer to fall.

Today’s Fashionista shows us how to transform your dress by accessorizing it with her favorite fall possessions that she’s been waiting to show off. Her dark brown Frye boots are the perfect shoes to set the tone for fall while walking around on campus. In addition, she keeps her upper half warm with an infinity scarf that can easily be thrown into her bag if the day warms up.  

By simply pairing her striped J.Crew dress with some autumn toned accents, she has created the perfect transition from summer into fall. Other options you can consider with your long sleeve dresses are to wear them with with tights or layer with a cardigan when the weather gets chillier. Multiple layers are important to keep in mind when enjoying fall activities. It gives you the ability to add or remove pieces from your dress throughout the day, all while looking fashionable and staying warm.

Not only is a long sleeve dress fun to style, but it is also a nice change from fall wear that isn’t so comfortable. It allows you to take a break from tight jeans and throw on your favorite dresses before the weather gets to cold. As frightening as it sounds, winter will be right around the corner which means this is your last time to flaunt this look. Don’t wait before it gets too late! Rummage through your closet and throw on your favorite daytime dress. Even if it’s not long sleeved, pair it with a sweater or denim jacket. It’s all about styling your dress to look ready for the fall!


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