STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fashion For Finals Week

Style Advice of the Week

As finals take over on many college campuses this week, fashion is usually the last subject on everyone’s mind. Late nights in the library spent on writing papers and cramming for final exams are most often accompanied by sweatshirts, leggings and an old pair of sneakers. It’s easy to fall into this fashion rut when the most pressing matter is deciding when to take your next iced coffee break. Just because you may be short on time getting ready doesn’t mean style and sensibility have to fall flat. Fashionistas and Fashionistos can look just as chic during finals as they do any other time of the year by following a few simple fashion guidelines.

Today’s Fashionista looks stylish yet comfortable and ready to tackle her studious obligations in a pair of leggings and a classic sweater. Try to select items that you feel most comfortable in and won’t mind wearing for an extended period of time. An oversized sweater such as this one from ASOS is perfect for a long day at the library. This Fashionista’s TOMS are an essential part of her casual appearance and won’t take a toll on her feet. Her infinity scarf is cozy and a great combatant of cool temps outside as well as drafty libraries and classrooms indoors.

Try to gravitate away from baggy items such as sweatpants for a more compromised wardrobe. For Fashionistas, I recommend leggings as they maximize comfort and can be worn without sacrificing style. Fashionistos should search for a necessary pair of chinos that not only look great but are also a comfortable item that you can wear all day and night (well, hopefully not this long). I personally love Bonobos for their high quality and perfect fit.

Having a simple go-to outfit during finals week is one less thing you have to worry about. Finding this perfect look is about compromising high style and high comfort by taking an extra minute each morning to pair leggings, chinos or any other comfortable pant with an oversized sweater or any other simple top. Don’t dress as if you’re heading to bed in sweats and a T-shirt, as this may even be counterintuitive to your studying. Keep your look simple and chic and ace all of your exams and papers before heading home for a much needed break.


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