STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fashion During Finals

Style Advice of the Week

Fashion does not deserve abandonment during finals week. With extensive formulas and time-consuming papers occupying most of our brain space, fashion is just an afterthought that we most likely ignore during finals. We are too easily persuaded that we simply do not have the time to put together an outfit. Even though our last days of the semester are spent studying day in and day out, try doing it in a chic way. Stand out among the expansive crowd of clumsy-looking sweatpants and awkwardly oversized hoodies.

This week’s Fashionista must have convinced you otherwise. She decided that plaid would achieve the most stylish and comfortable look. Her outfit properly exemplifies that all-nighters do not have to be associated with solid zip-ups and pajama pants. She is perfectly snug in her collared, plaid top. Worn with a black infinity scarf and stretch skinny jeans, she definitely scored an A for her ensemble. Her rustic boots, featuring a tribal print, complement the bohemian vibe of her blouse. With a complete look from head to toe, this Fashionista demonstrated that there is never an instance in which style should be surrendered, and the dreaded week of finals is not excluded.

Emulate this Fashionista—finish off the semester strong and adhere to your favorite trends. Staying comfortable is easy when selecting an effortlessly fashionable piece, like a flannel. Make sure to maintain your style for the remainder of the season. Opt for loose-fitting garments like knitted sweaters and cardigans with bold leggings and boots that will never disappoint.


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