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The flannel is a classic staple that is absolutely necessary to have rotating in and out of your fall ensembles. I know what some of you anti-flannel people are thinking: “They just do not fit my chic, city girl style.” Well, let me set the record straight: flannels can be worked into any wardrobe. If the country girl look is not your thing, try taking tips from Madewell and pair a classic flannel with a sparkly statement necklace and black cigarette pants. The juxtaposition of the casual shirt and the glittery, more formal necklace will have you perfecting the “I barely put any effort into this outfit, but still look great” attitude. Don’t be afraid to throw a flannel on over a dress and pair it with your favorite riding boots or keep it basic like this Fashionista and stay comfortable in jeans and a down vest.

Most importantly, flannels are comfortable. When you’re walking to class next week and you’re running late and freezing because your hair is still wet — I never do this — you’ll be thanking the fashion gods (or just me) that you’re wearing your flannel. When it comes to shopping for them, the men’s section is always best. Don’t be afraid of looking like a lumberjack. Flannels will keep you feeling comfortable and chic at the same time.


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