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Ladies and gentlemen low-rise jeans have left the building. In their place I present to you high-waisted pants. I’m not suggesting you need to adopt the mom jeans look, though she would probably be proud your pants come up higher, rather embrace these versatile bottoms. Not only are they adorable but also wouldn’t it be nice to not have to hike up your pants all day? It’s time to retire the pants dance.

The high-waisted style possibilities are as high as the waistline. Depending on your desired comfort level there is loose fit and tight fit pants. You can channel your inner rockstar in tight fitted moto pants from Topshop or you can rock the looser styles including peg leg trousers, no pirate hook required, and a variety of other fits. As if these pants aren’t trendy enough, they up the ante by adding prints to the mix. You name it and you can probably find it from floral to polka-dots or the basic monotone.

The mature loose pants give the classic work pant a run for its money. Say goodbye to polyester pants and hello to comfortable chic. Outside the office high-waisted pants can immediately transform a classic T-shirt into a trendy outfit. They can be paired with sweaters, blouses or tank tops. Go out or stay in, these pants are for nearly any occasion.

This Fashionista showed these pants are fit to be tied. She proved no waist is too high and no ruffles are too ruffled. Comfort and fashion do not always coexist but when they do it’s a fashion fantasy. These loose pants are ideal for strolling campus and enduring three hour long classes. No matter what strikes your fancy, high-waisted pants are making their way back into fashion.

This is not a trend to be wasted.


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