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Is it just me or does everyone else feel like it is impossible to not be exhausted? With exams, papers, football games, socials, extracurricular clubs and everything else, I can’t seem to find the time to rest or gain full energy back. Being a senior, I am aware that this is just how college goes, yet somehow, as the degrees drop and the workload increases, I feel as if I should be entitled to a vacation (or at least a shopping spree). The combination of colder weather and midterms makes you a little less inclined in the morning to show your true style. It’s just so easy to bundle up in a warm jacket and comfy pants when walking to class, getting blasted from the cold wind hailing from Lake Mendota.

However, upon finding this Fashionista, she shows us that we don’t have to sacrifice our unique, fun style for weather or workload. While her outfit is a little on the crazier side, I’m obsessed. I love when Fashionistas break the rules of fashion and display their personalities through their wardrobe. Her multi-color leggings and cheetah backpack clash but with a pair of converse and a cross sweater, she somehow makes it work.

She also shows us that it is possible to look stylish in a big, warm winter jacket. The best thing about a bold, printed sweater is that it allows you to add some fun to a boring winter jacket. Another great way to spice up winter jacket is with a bold scarf. No matter which way you go, bold pants like this Fashionista or a bold pair of shoes, weather and workload are no longer allowed to oppress your unique style.


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