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We all know how rough it is to wake up early in the morning and create a chic outfit just to sweat in it while trekking through campus. Fashionistas don't necessarily mean early risers.  I'm a personal believer in creating an ensemble the night before as if I was still in high school. After discovering this CollegeFashionista and chatting it up with her I realized that not everyone has this eagerness. Chelsea made it obvious that you can still wake up ten minutes before class and look dashing.

This Fashionista's accessory isn't just her dog. Although the dog does look pretty good. The simple ensemble was thrown together with neutrals which makes it manageable for daybreak. Her brown skinny belt is perfect for a detailed apparatus. I absolutely love the black kimono-like piece she incorporates. This can be found at Pacsun. Kimonos are trendy and probably one of my desired things right now. Nastygal offers one similar to Chelsea's if your going for this appearance. They are breezy and cool, despite thier look and they are an accessible garment to throw on for those dreaded, lazy mornings.

Jewelery is a quick way to achieve an elegant look. Try these pieces. Cuffs and rings can have an effortless impact.  After seeing my style advice week after week you must realize my favorite things are prints and sunglasses. Her jaguar patterned flip-flops are a nice touch to complete this on-the-go style. Slip on some embellished shoes like these popular Steve Madden ones for an additional flare. And of course, as I have stated before, don't forget your sunnies!


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