TREND: Dare to be Denim


The nineties seemed to have a big impact on the fashion trends at the the close of the noughties. The autumn collections of 2010 were heavy with grunge, floral and, fitting for austere times, nineties minimalism. One fashion trend in particular, however, stood out amongst all these…denim. 

Along with the easy bake oven, the Spice Girls, the teletubbies and David Beckham's right foot, Denim entranced the nineties in the same way that shoulder pads did the eighties. That it is making a comeback is no surprise. Raw, cool and comfortable it can be worn, as our pictured fashionable friend demonstrates, with pretty much anything. Scarves, caps, cardigans hoodies, its a flexible piece of kit that will look good with most accessories. And whilst denim used to be the preserve of skinny and boyfriend jeans, it is now more likely to be seen as jackets, shorts and skirts. Denim shirts are also making headway on the highstreets.

Today's Fashionisto has gone for the ‘Baltimore-urban’ look headed by an H&M denim blazer, converse shoes, Levi jeans and, to cap it all off, the ‘DC’.

So expect lots of denim to be on the catwalks of the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show 2011. The models have now been chosen and the photos are looking fairly saucy.


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