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I would like to inform the students of Drake University that it is indeed fall. I know that I am stating the obvious, but here in Iowa, especially in Des Moines, the weather can be a quite ridiculous. Whether it is your first time living here, or if you’ve lived here for many years, one thing that you should know is that it isn’t just your normal cool fall, tree changing, leave falling, kind of weather. It is the type of weather that can either be brutally cold with the wind whipping in your face, or it can be unbearably warm with the sun completely melting your fall wardrobe. However, on some days, it is a combination of both extreme’s, making it the most idealistic weather.

On these perfectly cool fall temperature days, when the orange, red, and yellow leaves fall to the ground from the warm gusting wind, wearing a similar outfit to this Fashionista is completely acceptable. This lovely lady struts denim on denim, or what some may call it, the double denim look. The fear of double denim is not entirely irrational, it actually can be quite intimidating. It isn’t exactly the easiest style to carry off, however, she does it just right. One of the golden rules to this denim on denim look is the contrast in color. This Fashionista did just that. She wore darker denim on the bottom, because darker colored denim tends to be more flattering; however, beware of the light denim shirt, because it can wash out your skin tone. Another thing to keep in mind when you are wearing the denim affect, is absolutely no cowboy boots. Since it is starting to get colder outside, closed-toed shoes like flats are a go to when pulling off this ensemble. This Fashionista struts black trimmed cheetah flats. A stand out piece to her outfit, other than the simplistic, yet bold wool, beige, infinity scarf and gold spiked bracelet.

To get a similar look to this stylish Fashionista, try this denim shirt from J.Crew and pair it with these Urban Outfitters dark washed jeans. Add these Steve Madden cheetah flats and last but not least this infinity scarf from Urban Outfitters. Gold jewelry can be found at any clothing store or boutique.

Be bold and daring. Do something different this fall and denim it up.


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