This week's Fashionista wears a very subdued outfit with a streak of individuality. Her shocking Dr. Martens in an electric blue really pop next to her all black outfit, while her leather jacket hints at 70s punk fashion. Let's take a look at why Dr. Martens' boots are so iconic to the fashion industry.

Dr. Martens are a perfect example of well-respected fashion being created through necessity. When Dr. Klaus Martens, injured his ankle while skiing in the Bavarian Alps, he set out modifying his standard issue military boots. The Dr. Marten was born, with it's air-cushioned sole and high ankle it was supremely comfortable – ironically this week's Fashionista let me know that her own pair were super uncomfortable since she couldn't find a half size! 

The shoe did extremely well in Germany, with the majority of it's sales being housewives looking for a long-lasting, comfortable boot. The design then came to the UK when shoemaker Bill Griggs noticed that Klaus and his university friend Dr Herbert Funck were looking for overseas partners, this is where the boots gained their rebellious reputation. 

As subculture was erupting in the UK, Teddy-Boys, Mods and meticulously stylish Skinheads alike adopted Dr. Martens. The first Dr. Martens boots in the United Kingdom came out on 1 April 1960, just ask for style 1460 as it's still in production today. When Pete Townshend of The Who deliberately donned his all black Dr. Martens on stage, he defined the boots' affinity with rebelious teenage spirit. 

Dr. Martens are a mark of individuality to be worn and loved. Do visit the Covent Garden store as they have a very impressive collection to choose from. Drawing inspiration from 80s and 90s trends with a flannel shirt and rolled up blue jeans is a start, but if your worried about looking out-dated you can also bring them into 2012 by going for a bold design. Dr Martens has largely expanded their collection, including these patent leather heels for the ladies, slip-on tassel loafers or this updated desert boot, which are more wearable options if the boots aren't to your taste.


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