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This Fashionista is attuned to color. She picked out an unexpected combination of hues to create this casual, cozy outfit, and it was successful. She managed not only to make a fashion statement with her outfit, but to evoke a mood, too. That is a difficult feat that designers have attempting through runway shows for years. This Fashionista’s outfit accomplishes it gracefully, however. 

It’s mainly the color scheme that makes her ensemble so strong. The dark, hazy purple jeans are the foundation. A bright, bold purple would have created an entirely different outfit. It would have been too much for the other pieces she wears and would have overwhelmed the look. It’s the dusty shade that says, “cozy and casual.” The sweater is the perfect complement because it isn’t a primary or secondary color. It’s one of those cool, in-between colors that people argue about – somebody says it’s blue, the next guy is convinced that it’s green (which is an unproductive argument because the crayon box probably has multiple names just for that special tone).  The sweater’s texture gives the outfit life and depth, and the loose fit hangs flatteringly over the tight jeans.

This Fashionista completes her look with small accents of other dark shades, again staying away from any typical colors on the color wheel. She puts a hint of intimidation in her otherwise approachable and laid-back outfit with the blouse. Just the collar is revealed over the sweater, and while the navy color goes with the rest of the outfit, the studs tell their own story. They add harshness and shine to the soft look, and are completely fashion forward. Her shoes and headband take the final plunge into darkness and pull black into the ensemble. Normally, black and navy are a big no-no in combination, but since they are each in small amounts here, it isn’t overwhelmingly against fashion law. It’s just a sly hint of rule-breaking. Also, the navy collar is clearly blue, and wouldn’t easily be mistaken for black; the main reason the “no-navy-and-black” rule exists is because they often look really similar yet slightly off. Plus, the black low tops contribute to the cool, more aloof message that the studs give off. The bow turns around and balances things out with an air of cutesiness and kindness. How could the Fashionista sacrifice any of these pieces in the name of one small rule?


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