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There is something completely fascinating about the way different clothing is cut each season. This year's designers have gone scissor happy as they slashed and sliced for spring and summer fashions. However, don’t trick yourself into thinking that cutouts are a trend that you can’t incorporate into your winter wardrobe. I know you may not be convinced by the thought of showing off some skin when it’s cold, but fear not freezing Fashionistas! Like any other trend, this one is adaptable to an array of clothing that can keep you warm while staying chic at the same time.

Cutouts are a component of surprise. When wearing it the right way, cutouts in unexpected places add a unique edge and boldness to your outfit that is difficult to find in any other trend. Whether on the sides of a dress, on the shoulders of a blouse or even on the back of a long sleeved top, simple cutouts offer plenty of styles to try. It’s also a great way for you to emphasize whichever part of your body you’re most confident about!

I spotted today’s Fashionista’s cutouts as she awaited the campus shuttle for an evening in Boston. I was immediately drawn to the confidence she radiated as she braved the cool air in her maroon LF sweater. Proving that cutouts are feasible this winter, she flashes some symmetry along the arms and shoulders of her knit. The style shows a casual twist to the trend. The strategically placed cutouts are an edgy surprise, yet they add an elegant tone to her ensemble. Avoiding cutout overkill, she completes her look with simple black pants and boots, keeping in mind that simplicity is key for this trend! Just a few dashes of cutouts to one staple are the perfect amount to work with. She finishes off her look with a feminine, chunky necklace and black purse. The gold embellishments of these accessories add a hint of edge and feminine quality to her look, while letting the cutouts do all the work.

Seeking to cut out your style this winter? There are many different places that offer unique approaches to this style for you to undertake. If you want to revive today’s Fashionista’s look, try this shoulder cutout sweater from 2B. For an open back look, try this chic flannel from Urban Outfitter's renewal items. The wide cutout in the back allows you to flash your favorite bandeau! Online trend site, Revolveclothing, also offers a ton of open back cutouts such as this chunky sweater and sheer top. If you are looking to highlight your waist, neckline or shoulders, Polyvore provides a unique variety of cutouts. These places will assist you in finding the perfect cutout look that fits your style and taste!



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