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So many of us are a custom to wearing the usual skinny jeans – no one more then myself. But for me, I’m always looking for alternatives. When I saw this Fashionista with her cropped pants I knew I had found my solution.

Now normally I put away any form of pants for the spring – because I need a good tan and I wanna make the best use of my maxi dresses, skirts and shorts. But I am confident that this spring a pair of Capri’s or cropped pants are just what I need to spice up my wardrobe.

The Capri family has many different styles. There are pleated capri’s, woven capri’s and more. Each style of Capri/cropped pant achieves a different silhouette and accent different parts of the body. Usually forming loosing around the leg for a different style and shape.

This Fashionista was spotted wearing the ankle pleated capri pants paired with a cute skinny belt and a nice white button down. The look was casual and comfy.

To get a look like this Fashionistas try something like these pink woven mid rise pants with a waistline belt and split neck top. Or, for more color try these pink woven pants with a light pink pastel collared shirt.

Which ever way you decide to wear your capris/cropped pants are fine. My only requirement is that you get a pair for yourself!



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