STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Crochet Without The Cliché

Style Advice of the Week

At the end of the sixteenth century, a writer named William Shakespeare put pen to paper and composed what is arguably one of the best love stories of all time. Whether you’re a Shakesperian scholar or simply a hopeless romantic you’ve likely heard the story of Romeo and Juliet, whose rebellious romance flourished in the streets of Verona. The ability of their tragic tale to transcend time is probably because of its depiction of some universal truths about human nature. No matter what time period or culture you come from, some things never change. Romeo and Juliet portray not only the passionate love that many vie for, but also the carefree confidence and attitude that comes with youth. The common convention is that the youth of every generation see themselves in an arrogantly invincible light. They’re thought to disregard the views of the older generation, calling them outdated, conservative and out of touch with modern times.

Perhaps this stereotype is an exaggeration, but viewing things from a sartorial perspective you can see that it holds a bit of truth. Unless your grandmother has vintage Yves St. Laurent lying around her closet, you likely don’t look to her for fashion-forward inspiration. And how often do you honestly wear the bulky sweaters that she knits you for Christmas? However, this week’s Fashionista donned a sweater that revived within me an appreciation for the art of crochet knitting, proving that sweaters don’t have to be synonymous with bulk. Not only is her sweater thin and easy to layer, but the workmanship provides an aesthetic that's both architectural and feminine. There's an undeniable trend towards the intricate open crochet knit this fall. Instead of being a piece that you simply throw over an outfit to fight the bone-chilling cold, your sweater can now be the centerpiece of your ensemble.

To wear the crochet sweater look, the trick is to find pieces that incorporate the crochet pattern in an innovative way. I adore the open crochet detailing on the sides and shoulders of this Minkpink sweater. The interspersed sequin embellishments on this sweater by Religion Clothing give it a unique modern edge. Michael Kors offers a more classic look, while still incorporating an asymmetrical hemline and an unconventional knit pattern. For a dose of rocker chic, ASOS offers this ultra-cool black crochet cardigan. Lastly, if you’re in the mood for a splurge, this open-back Theysken’s Theory sweater in navy is the perfect choice.

This fall, don’t be afraid to break past the matronly stereotypes associated with crochet. Opt for modern pieces that skillfully incorporate this old knitting technique and you’ll be sure to rock the open crochet trend without any cliché.


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