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Weather seems to be a fallback topic for small talk conversation; but really, what can you say about the weather that isn’t glaringly obvious? The conversation quickly dies out. However, if you are a Fashionista at the University of Georgia this week, the weather can cause hours of wardrobe contemplation.  With blazing temperatures of over 70 degrees greeting us just after we have all packed up our shorts and tanks or lugged them back to our childhood closets, combatting the heat can be difficult. Factor in the near Arctic temperatures of libraries and classrooms and dressing fashionably for finals becomes nearly impossible.

This Fashionista, however, has discovered the right formula. Layering is the way to go when you’re not exactly sure what the day will hold. Beginning with the essentials, this Fashionista chose a basic, white T-shirt, black skinny jeans and casually comfortable moccasins. She topped these with a vividly patterned, knit cardigan and a coordinating red scarf.

An interesting pattern is always an attention-grabber. This cardigan had a double dose of eye-catching design, with a pinwheel pattern on the sleeves and geometric shapes and zigzags covering the body of the oversized sweater. Replicate this look with options like an Aztec patterned ASOS cardigan or a dramatic and fringed maxi cardigan from Free People. Target also has several affordable and cute alternatives that fit within a college student budget.

Toss on your favorite pair of skinny jeans, a solid scarf and a cute pair of flats or boots, and you are ready to conquer finals and the weather.


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