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This time last year in Wisconsin the snow banks were up to our Burberry ear muffs and going outside without at least six layers of material was not an option, however this year the weather has been gracious to every Fashionista traveling around Madison. Dressing warm but a little lighter has been an option for us this winter and I am not complaining, even though I still love snow. A brisk sunny day is often all it takes to get you out of a fashion rut and motivate your most stylish senses. This Fashionista demonstrates her ability to put together an excellent color combination while still wearing a majority of black.

Dark colors are sometimes inevitable when you don’t want to put much thought into your outfit but colorful details are what make an outfit notable and memorable. This Fashionista’s red leather gloves were the first detail that caught my eye amidst her black double-breasted pea coat, black leggings and dark brown leather-riding boots. The first color combo that I will argue is not a fashion faux pas is black with brown boots. In Wisconsin brown or black riding boots are practically a religion and a necessity when its cold. This Fashionista is a perfect illustration of that color combo. She also dresses her mustard yellow, over sized sweater on top of her darker colored bottom half; this makes her sweater stand out. If wearing black leggings and a darker colored coat try to find a colorful sweater to peak out from beneath it like this Fashionista demonstrates, it will add interest and brighten up your outfit. The mustard yellow with the red gloves are two details I cannot avoid in this outfit so I would suggest when imitating this Fashionista, to pick a favorite color combination and formulate one color to be a main piece in the outfit, like a sweater or leggings and then put the other color into a smaller detail such as a headband or pair of gloves. This will make your outfit unique because of the color duo. Top it off with a rustic colored handbag for extra style points in the detail category.

Pay attention to the little things to add to your outfit because although many might think they go unnoticed this Fashionista’s details are impossible not to and they show an effort that was put into your style.


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