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There are a few different categories of people who stand out with their clothing. First, consider that guy who appears to have walked straight out of a smoke-filled Volkswagen van at all times. His dreadlocks spill over the shoulders of a multi-colored hemp poncho and peace sign bracelets snake all the way up to his elbows. Then there are the wearers of oversized headphones. I’m not sure if the headphones come with an array of bulky sneakers or if it’s just an unwritten rule. Ideal are the people who stand out without looking like it was a conscious decision. Cue this Fashionista.

Since the weather is pretending that it is fall, people are following suit. Brown boots, dark jeans, burnt orange sweaters and army green blazers have been overtaking campus. This Fashionista’s attire is a bold change of pace from the warm saturated colors. Black and white makes a statement. A black pleated skirt worn over black tights is classic and timeless. Slip on a pair of ballet flats to keep it chic.

Bows are always appropriate. Boys look so dashing in bowties and girls seem prim and proper wearing a hair bow. Get creative with the placement of a bow. Fasten your accessory under a high hair bun like this Fashionista. Turn a headband into a side bow. Tie ribbon around the back of your head and into a bow in the middle of your forehead to hide a zit. Wear it your way.

No matter what the season may be, don’t be afraid to go colorless. A structured mix of black and white is a simple way to look polished, chic and possibly better than everyone else.


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