STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Color Coordinate the Details

Style Advice of the Week

Is it me, or is the warm weather throwing off how to get dressed in the morning? It's October and I expect to wear boots and scarves! Despite the weird temperatures, Fashionistas are still on point when putting together their outfits. I am really loving all of the color I've been seeing lately — camel, pink, yellow, green. I am also a big fan of feminine touches, such as a great heel or light shade of pink.

This Fashionista immediately caught my eye. She appeared so feminine, delicate and put together. She wore a light pink ruffled shirt, high-waisted shorts, loafer pumps, a magenta bag and you can't quite tell from the photo, but she was wearing a lovely shade of purple eyeshadow. Not only were her pieces feminine in their own construction, but the color of each piece made it even more femme.

This week, try mixing and matching different colors in your wardrobe. I don't quite mean throwing on neon yellow and chartreuse (unless you really want to). I'm referring to taking a good look at your closet and examining your go-to pieces. What do they have in common? Are they feminine, like the Fashionista above? Or are they more menswear-inspired? Whatever your personal style may be, you can learn to pinpoint which colors appear most often. Accentuate what you wear most often with pieces that share a similar color scheme. I would opt for a more laidback, menswear look because I'm obsessed with oversized shirts these days. I'd pair a denim shirt with grey plaid pants and a belt. Then I'd add boots and rustic jewelry. You see, these colors blend well and they all have a more masculine tone to them.

I highly encourage you to keep on digging into your own personal style, Fashionistas. Relying on trends is rarely the path to style nirvana. Focus on what you like, what you feel comfortable wearing and the colors that complement you most. Here's to your sartorial journey!


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