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On this particular day, most girls around campus were sporting sweats and fleece in order to deal with the first really chilly day of the season. This drop in degrees sent most Penn Staters into a fashion free frenzy as they stepped into their Uggs and pullovers. But for the truly style resilient, the changing weather wasn’t enough to deter a great outfit. Today’s Fashionista is a prime example of someone who created a cool-weather look without compromising style.

This type of weather is tricky when it comes to jackets. It’s still too warm for your winter coat, but, a lighter fall coat won’t cut it either. This Fashionista found the perfect solution, however, by layering her fall pieces. Today’s Fashionista is wearing a plain T-shirt with a faux fur vest on top for some much-needed warmth, but she doesn’t stop there. On top of her vest is a classic tan trench coat that adds the extra weight to protect her from the chills. This type of layering is really inventive and wonderful because as the day goes on items can be peeled off. The combination almost appears as if the trench is lined with fur, which is very elegant looking. A trench like this is a great piece because it can take you through many seasons and it will never go out of style. The belted waist also provides a really flattering silhouette. Try this coat from Zara for a clean look.

The rest of this Fashionista’s outfit is also impeccable. Her skinny black jeans have a dressy sheen to them and her tall black boots are a perfect monochromatic addition. These jeans by Blank NYC will similarly lend you a fancier look over regular denim pants. A slouchy hat tops off this on-trend look. 


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