STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Coffee and Scarves


Classes have officially started and that means there are a lot of choices to be made: which books to buy, where to get your morning coffee buzz and what to wear to class? I ran into this Fashionista as we both headed into Starbucks for a beginning of the semester pick me up and decided she made excellent style choices that morning.

This Fashionista is wearing one of my favorite fashion items this season the infinity scarf! Not only does this accessory keep you warm on long walks to class, it is also simple to wear and looks great with anything. This Fashionista used her pale pink infinity scarf to add femininity to her dark-tone outfit.

One of the best things about infinity scarves is that they come in all shapes and sizes. You can go chunky, like this Fashionista did, for a bigger statement or slimmer like this. This means that these scarves can dress up or down any outfit. They can also go from day-time to night-time, which makes every Fashionista’s life easier.

So whether you like ruffles, fringe or even rabbit fur, an infinity scarf can complete any outfit and keep you warm during pre-class coffee runs.

Hint:: Like this Fashionista’s look but unsure if you want to wear such a chunky accessory? Start with a smaller scarf in the same color. If you want to go super “girly” try something with ruffles


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