There's no better way to celebrate the holidays this year than with a checkered (or plaid or tartan, both terms more or less refer to the same thing) shirt! This Fashionisto is definitely in the Christmas mood, donning a checkered red shirt. He paired the shirt with pants and shoes of the same colour, which further elongated his already long legs. 

This unique design has rich history and cultural implications. Plaid screams Christmas, probably because it has been around since Jesus' time. However, the pattern only took off after the Scottish adopted it on their kilts as an act of rebellion to the English. Not only that, the pattern was significant in the women's movement in the 1960s. Women, especially gay women, wore the pattern (known for its virility) to fight for gender equality

Now, it's a trendy way of dressing for a smart-casual or semi-formal event. Checkered shirts generally look great on everyone, so you do not have to worry about shopping online. Just be sure to use a recommended, safe and secure website, it will not only protect your privacy but also give you assurance of receiving a shirt of excellent cut and quality. 

This playful and cute Black Checkered Front Shirt by COMME DES GARÇONS, would be the perfect Christmas present for your partner or best friend. For the ladies, I would definitely be checking out this V-neck dress by MCQ by Alexander McQueen. Although both items of clothing are not very festive, I reckon you would still make a killing wearing them to a Christmas party. 


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