STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Channel your Spirit Animal

Style Advice of the Week

Cute kitten sweaters are all over the place. You can find one at just about any shop you walk into. Even Wildfox has taken its signature rugged and ripped silhouette and plastered it with felines. But how do you really own the crazy cat lady look, aside from sporting one of these knits?

This Fashionista takes the whole animal pattern trend to the next level. In her tall, lace up boots, khaki colored cargos and navy anorak, she’s got the whole hunter-gatherer vibe going on–and chances are she was inspired by the wolf on her tee.

If you’re not sure what your spirit creature is, there are a bunch of silly quizzes you can take online. Or you could take a hint from this Fashionista and choose the animal that speaks to your own sense of style.

If you just want to be part of the wolf pack too, shop Bloomingdale’s, Topshop or Dorothy Perkins. But if you’d prefer a more vicious looking beast, check out this tunic from Maria Francesca Pepe. If you’re a night owl–here, have two. But if you’re just too hung up on cats, at least add a few birds. Topshop’s also got this really awesome eagles jumper with mirrored detail that suggests “all-power.”

Once you’ve decided on an animal, make sure you dress the part. If you’re trying to emulate this Fashionista’s ensemble, call on your cargos. But if you’re going, say, the Christmas party sweater route with a couple of bears or moose, look to this pair from the University of Maryland. They look super cozy in a skirt and tights and a pair of Converse.


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