STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Casual and Composed

Style Advice of the Week

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the words “casual dress code,” I tend to panic. What if my definition of casual is different from my boss’, professors and peers? When I spotted this Fashionisto on campus, I knew he wasn’t afraid to make a formal casual dress code his very own. By layering a classic button up and tie with a cardigan, today’s Fashionisto looks composed and comfortable.

I love a man in a tie, but I can see where they can become time consuming and confusing. In my opinion however, the positives outweigh the negatives. Today’s Fashionisto proves this by matching his tie with his cardigan and shoes. The subtle detail of the red Polo insignia and the red in the tie create a polished and professional look. Not to mention nowadays there is no excuse for not knowing how to successfully tie a tie. If your dad or big brother never taught you how, check out this tutorial and practice in front of a mirror.

Feel free to get creative with your tie choices and try out different cardigans. Pay attention to small details such as buttons and elbow or shoulder patches. A great option would be this cardigan from TopMan with a pair of black pants or dark wash jeans. If you choose to wear jeans however, dress them up with a pair of leather loafers similar to this pair from Buffalo Jackson. The classic form and texture of loafers will balance out the casualness of jeans.

If you decide to go with a more structured cardigan, take note from this Fashionisto’s shoe choice and keep your outfit casual. Wether you’re dressing up for an interview, a presentation or just because—you’ll realize that the pesky tie that has been collecting dust in your closet all year, can transform your casual wear and your confidence.


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