STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Built in Accessories

Style Advice of the Week

This Fashionista has something that most people do not. The best way to describe her is that she has moxie. Have you ever heard the phrase “You got moxie kid”? Perhaps you have on an episode of The Sopranos or in a classic movie. Moxie is a term used to describe a person’s character, determination or energy. And this Fashionista shows her moxie on her sleeve—literally. The way people dress is a clear indicator of what type of person they are. The way you accessories your wardrobe paints that picture even clearer. This Fashionista has the advantage of built in accessories.

Her tattoos are not just ink on skin, but they are pieces of art simultaneously acting as accessories. Just like bracelets or handbags, they are ways to express oneself. Her choice of tattoos say a lot about her, like her classic pin-up girl and rose show her feminine side. Her detailed ship reveals a more deep and artistic side with its symbolism. We have this predisposition about tattoos imbedded in us at a young age. Only rock stars or criminals have tattoos and that we are not to get them—or we will upset grandma. Now that stigma is fading away with each generation, tattoos play a big role in fashion as well.

When you first see this Fashionista, you would not think she had a tattoo, or three for that matter. At first glance her outfit says feminine and cute with her dress, earrings and flip flops. But that is the best part. It just goes to show that anyone can find enjoyment in tattoos. Her outfit is simple and casual. Her muted pink dress is perfect for those warm afternoons here in Radford. With the transitioning seasons comes the phenomenon of freezing mornings turning into warm sunny days. This Fashionista kept her other accessories to a minimum, because she already is rocking some great ones on her arm. It kind of takes the term “arm candy” to another level. Just throwing on some earrings and a belt completes her look. Over all, the color of her dress, hair color and skin tone are all working with her contrasting black tattoos. They pop against her look and make people stop and look—I know I did.

Don’t be scared to rock a tattoo, but just remember to be smart. They can be your best accessory or your biggest regret if it isn’t done right!


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