STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Brick Lane, Explained


This week's Fashionista is dressed head to toe in carefully selected vintage items she'd found while shopping in Brick Lane, sans the Underground Brothel Creepers, which may not be vintage but are definitely in keeping with her style and still celebrating a fashion craze from the 

When I asked about her eye-catching red cardigan she cited three or four different vintage stores dotted around the area, with so many to choose from let's use this week to hunt down a few of the best places for pick ups from the past.  

Rokit is probably the most comprehensive vintage store store you're going to come across, offering items that span across the '40s right through to the '80s, you'd do well to check them out. My favorite pick from the Rokit online store would be these 90s Versace Black Cat's Eye Sunglasses with gold and diamante detailing on the Medusa head. 

The Rokit Recycle line sees in house designers adding personal touches to leather gilets and tapering golf trousers to bring them subtly into the 21st century. Rokit also has stores out in Camden and Covent Garden so visit all three to stay on top of new releases. Next door you have Vintage Store, they always have great stock in circulation and often run promotions and discount offers through Facebook and Twitter – get following!

Absolute Vintage London is about a 10 minute walk from Rokit on Hanbury Street, the perfect place for ladies looking for beautiful shoes and bags. All of the bags are handpicked and in excellent condition, take this Gucci Boston bag with the “GG” monogram for example. A lot of their online stuff is already sold so your best bet is to get down to the store ASAP!

Searching through vintage clothes is always a rewarding experience; you often find clothes with materials and details missing from contemporary high street fashion. Remember that patience is key since the perfect pieces won't always be in your size, leaving a store empty handed isn't uncommon and your bound to find something perfect on your next visit.

Personally I like to try and find vintage Ralph Lauren, Versace, Chanel and other high-end brands, It's like a hands on history lesson. Blending luxury items from eras gone with new releases is a great way to celebrate your favorite brands, and of course, you're getting excellent quality for a fraction of the price!


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