One thing I always look for in a Fashionista/o is they making runway trends their own, and this stylish LCI student has done just that. She has taken inspiration off of men's clothes and somehow still makes them look feminine and body conscious.

Borrowing clothes from boys is a trend that has been on the table for a while now, but we still see designers adding to it on their runways like Acne and Paul Smith with boyfriend blazers, and oxford shoes like Prada; as well as celebrities like Kate Moss, Solange Knowles and Kim Kardashian who have made it their to-go look. But how do you manage to take these elements from a men's wardrobe and still let your personal style shine through?

Juliana, who we see above, has taken key elements from a man's closet that add up to complete her look, like her oxford shoes, her blazer, rolling up the bottom of her jeans or her fedora hat, but more importantly she has paired all of this menswear attire with a more feminine printed mint shirt that breaks the cycle and adds color and life to her look.

Also if we pay close attention, we can see golden details on her belt, the butterfly pin on her blazer and her watch that also bring up brightness to an otherwise darker look. All this attention to detail is what makes her super stylish and lets her personality shine through her clothes. So if you are looking to pick up on the trend and still look feminine and overall show your personal style, I suggest you pay extra attention to details like small accessories and jewelry. That is what its great about this trend; if you play your cards right, you can have the best of both worlds.


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