STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Black With A Vengeance

Style Advice of the Week

Whether it’s the beauty found within nature, architecture, couture or any other realm, the world offers an overabundance of magnificent visual stimuli. The most striking aspect of these stimuli is often their color. The human eye contains specialized cells that have an amazing ability to distinguish between millions of colors. Visual perception can actually be simplified down to only three: red, green and blue. The colors that we see depend on how these three primary colors combine and reflect off of an object.

But what about the polar opposites: black and white? Pure white is perceived when an object reflects every ray of light at once, while pure black is perceived when an object absorbs every ray of light. For a color that reflects no light onto the eye, the graphic impact that black has is astounding. Its characteristic boldness is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the fashion world, as black is one of the most commonly used colors on the runway. Its versatility has allowed it to inspire everything from the elegance of Chanel’s little black dress to the coolness of leather jackets—making it a go-to color for almost any look imaginable.

In a head-to-toe black ensemble, this week’s Fashionista proves that a monochrome outfit can be anything but boring. Through a combination of cable knit, leather, denim and velvet, she adds multiple dimensions to her outfit that offset the use of a single color. They key to wearing any monochrome palette is to play with a variety of textures—the more the merrier, the bolder the better.

Leather jackets like the one she’s rocking are one of my favourite fall pieces. I especially love this option from Free People that uniquely combines waxed denim with leather. This Fashionista knows that nothing goes better with a leather jacket than a pair of biker boots. For a similar look opt for this pair from ASOS. Anyone who likes exaggerated statement pieces will love this pair of Jeffrey Campbell's, which takes biker boots to the next level. What I found most interesting about this Fashionista’s outfit were her jeans. Black denim is quite standard, but the black velvet floral accents on her pair add a feminine elegance, while still maintaining a tough edge. Current/Elliot and 7 For All Mankind both have options that will give you the same on-trend look. With a circle scarf and a patent purse, she adds the perfect finishing touches to her outfit.

No matter what your style aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with an all-black ensemble. Stray away from being sartorially safe and don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with monochromatic style. This fall, black is back with a vengeance.


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