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Sometimes a Fashionista is so undeniably cool that I will go great lengths to take her photo. You will find me speed walking down the street or abruptly changing my direction mid-stride. To the untrained eye, I may come across as a crazed stalker, but as my fellow Style Gurus can attest: you gotta do what you gotta do when you find a fabulous Fashionista. Today’s Fashionista falls into this category. As soon as I spotted her bold glasses paired with equally bold headphones, I quickened my pace to capture her outfit.

As is the case with many Fashionistas and Fashionistos I encounter, her disposition was as sweet as her style. She gladly allowed me to marvel over her outfit and snap a few shots. What I love most about this look is that most of the pieces are inherently classic, yet, the overall combination screams fashion-forward hipster. The base of her ensemble is a crisp, white dress with a subtly embroidered top. This is the perfect foundation to create wonderful contrasts. Her black tights and navy, striped cardigan do the trick—who says you can’t wear navy and black together? Not only does she mix these neutral colors, but her entire outfit is actually an interplay of neutral hues. From her gray booties to her brown belt, this outfit encompasses them all with a natural ease. These neutrals also allow her teal glasses and bright, red lips to stand out. She finishes her look with a smattering of accessories: a gold and pearl tassel necklace accompanies large hoops. She even throws in a tiny gold pin to boot. Take note Fashionistas, because this is fashion mixology at its finest.

Today’s Fashionista is the perfect example of making a statement through staple items, making this an easy look to pull off by simply shopping your own closet. Try it for yourself: choose a light-colored dress and add a graphic, striped or patterned cardigan. Layer on the neutrals with dark tights, and gray booties. Or if you’d rather add a pop of color, try some festive hosiery to spice things up a bit. And my final piece of advice is to finish with a daring lip. Trust me, it makes everything look more chic. Happy mixing my fellow Fashionistas!


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