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On a sunny Wednesday afternoon I almost lost all hope in my generation’s ability to dress. Next to me in class sat a hooded figure, drawstrings pulled tight around her chin and sunglasses covering her eyes. I was alarmed to the point of panic. Why hasn’t the professor asked her to take off the plastic frame sunglasses? Is this normal? Did the boy across the room really just give her the nod of approval? Luckily for my soul, this Fashionista walked across my path and proved that some collegiate students do believe in the clothing basics: button-downs over baggy T-shirts and flats over flip-flops.

Transcending the line between reality and university are a few quintessential clothing pieces that can serve as daily wear or more formal attire. Dark wash denim, a double-breasted blazer, flats and a collared shirt fall into this category. The true test of fashion is pairing these basics with contrasting pieces for a unique style.

This Fashionista pairs classic denim shorts with grunge tights for a look that definitely deserves a double-take. Tights transition these shorts from summer to fall flawlessly. For those of you wondering if her tights are supposed to be ripped that way, yes they are and here is how to do it. Lucky for me, I unintentionally end up with tights like these because of my severe lack of coordination. Which means, in theory due to the transitive property, that un-coordination is in fashion.

There is no going wrong with a collared button-down shirt, really. Taking the time to button each button and smooth down a stiffened collar is so much classier than simply throwing on a hoodie. American Apparel has a section of their website exclusively for collared shirts. Gap is known for their preppy button-ups, with one quite similar to that of this Fashionista. Don’t forget a pair of classic black flats to finish off any outfit well.

As it goes to show, not all college students hold a misconstrued concept of clothing basics; the fashionable minority makes up for the masses. Just make sure to be aware of which category in which you fit into and know that you can always change it.


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