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Oh, how marvelous the seasons are! They add variety to our style by forcing us to accommodate temperature shifts and precipitation, wind and fog. Without them, we would wear jeans and a white t-shirt all year round. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you catch my drift. As much as colder climates allow us to wear clothes that summer simply doesn’t, the chillier temperature also bring a problem that negates that variety: the coat.

Even if you collect coats like some people collect stamps (this is a diagnosable disorder — I have it), there’s bound to be a day in November when you stand in front of your closet, ripping out your hair because you’re so sick of covering up your innovative outfits with the same jacket day in and day out. This anxiety will be amplified when you realize that you still have four or five months of coat-wearing weather left.

But luckily, there is a solution to your jacket woes — one coat so versatile, so malleable, that it can never dampen your style. Enter the Barbour. As this week’s Fashionista demonstrates, the Barbour coat is a chic layer to top off any look. Worn unzipped, it is as perfect with this Fashionista’s look of flats, jeans and a thick sweater, as it would be with leggings and an oversized top or even a patterned dress and tights. Zipped tight in colder weather, it looks more interesting with a chunky scarf and boots than its outerwear sibling, the peacoat.

Not convinced? I doubt that we can be friends. But I understand — it would be boring if everyone wore the same jacket all winter. The motorcycle jacket, like this option from Urban Outfitters, and the distressed military coat, done right by Madewell, are two other options that are sure to keep your body warm and your look as cool as the weather outdoors.


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