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Part of our campus is technically located in West Philly…. but that’s not what I’m talking about with this week’s STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK. Instead, it’s all about throwing on a warm winter jacket with an oversized hood to keep out the cold as temperatures begin to plunge. Whether you’re on your way to class, an internship or out running a few holiday errands, a fashionable winter coat is an absolute essential. Just because you need to bundle up doesn’t mean fashion needs to be sacrificed. I’ve talked about this time and time again—fashionable practicality. This Fashionista shows that it is possible to bare the cold and still look stylist worthy. A long puffer jacket is everyone’s coat of choice the moment the temperature hits 40 and below. But it a midst of black North Face jackets meant for the artic tundra, although unoriginal, I do love them as much as the next person. However, the Fashionista featured this week shows how to stay warm and rise about the standard trend.

What caught my eye was her oversized hood that skimmed the collar of her jacket. The light woolen grey material is subtle enough to wear this jacket daily over a variety of outfits while having a little bit of originality amongst the sea of dark black. My favorite part about her look is that even though long hemline of her coat hides her outfit except for black tights and leather boots, she still manages to look stylish in the cold. Clearly, the coat makes the look.

For cold climates, outerwear styling is key. Oversized hoods offer stylish practicality for any occasion. Think of oversized hoods as you would oversize sunglasses. Opt for a coat with a hood similarly to wearing a pair of dark shades to block out the sun. Besides, what better way to keep out the cold and hide a knot of windswept hair? As for accessories, a Longchamp Le Pliage tote is a standard for throwing a few everyday essentials, and the olive color pairs nicely with the coat’s shade of grey. Chic, stylish, practical and trend-worthy, and back to the hood we go.


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