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The last months of the year are the time when our clothing not only needs to provide the element of fashion, but must perform at a functional level as well. During this time, winter coats and jackets become a person's best friend as they try to fight of bone-chilling weather. Anoraks have proven to be a statement coat worth having, due to their versatility and androgynous aesthetic. This season, anoraks have been updated with the addition of eclectic textures and colors, proving themselves as the perfect companions during this cold time period.

The featured Fashionista sports an anorak in a refreshing salmon hue that she paired with a similarly colored beanie and a floral patterned scarf. Let this outfit be your guide to layering in a way that is both stylish whilst cold climate appropriate. For an anorak in a color that packs a punch, try this coat sold at dELiA*s. The bright color will pop against the backdrop of gray skies, instantly putting you in high spirits as you go about your day. For a coat that is more toned down, but still offers an element of interest, try this anorak sold at Target. The tweed shell of the jacket coupled with the bright orange lining creates a jacket that is stylish, both inside and out. For a more classic take on the anorak, look to this Element coat sold at PacSun stores. The neutral color provides you with styling versatility while the fur-lined hood protects you from the cold.

An anorak is the perfect go-to jacket for these cold months because it provides the wearer with warmth and an aesthetically intriguing look. In wearing an anorak, an individual can either play up on its masculine characteristics or contrast the jacket with feminine pieces. For a tomboy-chic look, pair this jacket with a plaid flannel shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of Converse. For a girly take on this piece, pair the jacket with sweeter items, such as a floral printed top, skinny jeans and a pair of ballet flats. 'Tis the season to maximize the layering of knit sweaters and scarves with a statement jacket. Go forth in finding creative ways to play up or contrast the androgynous anorak jacket in a way that is unique to you.


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