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With the weather that we have been having, no one knows exactly what to expect when stepping outside. With the recent ups and downs in temperature, layering seems the perfect solution! It is the perfect way to be prepared for anything.

This week’s Fashionisto knew what he was doing when he dressed for class today. He chose to layer, which not only gives you versatility when it comes to how warm you need to be dressed, but gives a simple outfit depth and interest.

What is so great about this look is the fact that he took toggles, a throwback to what is probably the most classic coat anyone could find, but had them on a knot sweater instead of on a coat. This gives this timeless look a fresh perspective, keeping it a little more modern.

Under the sweater, this Fashionisto is wearing a graphic tee and a gingham  button-down shirt. Thanks to the neutral color of the sweater, you can virtually wear anything underneath it, allowing you to completely make the look your own and show off your personal style.

If you are inspired by this week’s Fashionisto, try this sweater from Urban Outfitters. Underneath, try wearing a brightly colored shirt like this one from Topman, or a bold printed shirt like this one from ASOS. Under the button-down, you can wear anything from a plain white V-neck to a graphic T like this one from Zara. 

To finish off the look, throw on a pair of pants, like these jeans from Topman or these chinos from Topman, and you're all set! Although the outfit is simple enough to put together, you will still look good on your way to class.

This look is so felxible that after rummaging around your closet for five minutes, every Fashionisto should be capable of putting it together. The best part is, the weather will not never an issue!


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