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Adding an element of surprise, one that prevents a Fashionista's ensemble from looking like it was taken straight off a store mannequin, is crucial to creating a unique, style-worthy look. For some it's the mix of masculine and feminine pieces, for others it's pairing high-end pieces with thrift store finds. But for this Fashionista, incorporating some Western roots into her otherwise feminine outfit was the perfect touch needed to personalize her look. 

On one of the first days that actually felt like spring, this Fashionista wore a sleeveless floral dress with a faded denim jacket thrown over it and slipped into a one-of-a-kind pair of cowboy boots. With plenty of opportunities coming up for sandals and wedges, this Fashionista chose to maximize usage of her cowboy boots before the temperatures become unbearably hot. 

For her, a simple floral dress from Nordstrom provided the basis of her outfit. This is a piece many of us have in our closets, but are unsure how to make it our own. When paired solo, it may seem like nothing special, but the key is choosing simple pieces which will enhance the look, turning it into something above and beyond. 

A denim jacket is an extremely versatile piece. It provides the ability to tone down the look of an otherwise fancy dress while still looking polished and put-together. This Fashionista's dress was originally meant for a night out, paired with sparkly jewelry and heels, but with these minor changes, she was able to create a completely new look, perfect for a casual day in the sun. 

Instead of indulging in a whole new wardrobe for spring and summer, search through your closet for simple pieces and practice layering, accessorizing and dressing them up in ways you've never thought of before. Even the tiniest change in an outfit can create a huge effect on the way it looks. 


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